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Available: Updated August  2014

Chickens: *All Pullets unless noted 
Buff Orpingtons (3 days old)- $3.99
Black Jersey Giants (3 days old)-$3.99
Ameraucana "Easter Egg" (2 weeks old)-$4.99
Barred Rock (6 weeks old)- $5.99
Black Ex links (6 weeks old)-$5.99
Partridge Rock Cochins
Standard Size-$12.99
Assorted Roosters- $8.00

Ducks: *St Run
Peking Ducklings- $5.99

Assorted Colors- $ 4.99

          We now Sell Country Side Organics Chicken Feed!

Call (757) 539-4381 for more Information

*All Pullets
*Special Orders Available
*We are getting shipments of different breeds weekly
*Images are Adult Size!
*Miller Waters/Feeders
*Southern States All Grain Layer and Chick Starter
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