Epps Farm Supply - (757)539-4381
Available: March,2014
      Chickens: Pullets

-Black Sex links
-Rhode Island Reds.
-Barred Rock
(Easter Egger)

-New Hampshire Reds
-Light Brahmas

-Silver Wyandotte
-Gold laced cochins
-Gold Wyandotte

-Partridge Cochin
-Partridge Rock

-Silkie Bantam  *St. run
-Crested Special *St. run
-Bronze Turkey * S.t run

 *Call on Pricing (757)539-4381
*All Pullets
*Special Orders Available
*We are getting shipments of different breeds weekly
*Images are Adult Size!
*Miller Waters/Feeders
*Southern States All Grain Layer and Chick Starter
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